The exhibition 'We are all Parliament' celebrates three decades of the seat of the Parliament of the autonomous community of La Rioja in the old convent of la Merced.

In the exhibition the visitor can travel virtually to the 19th century, when the building was used as Tabacalera. Through an interactive game of AR (augmented reality), created for Oculus Go, the user interacts with the rooms of the old factory by placing in the right place on the current 360 ° images stock photos.

In addition to the experience of virtual reality, the curators of the exhibition, Carlos Fuentes and Susana Baldor, they commissioned us the realization of the vidéomapping with which the exhibit was inaugurated. A projection of the façade of the convent filled with magic and made swim at the public in the history of the city, as well as the different uses that had the building: Church, convent, barracks and Parliament.

For this videomapping we count with the collaboration of Abel baths and the collective 2EverLoops.