The experience of virtual reality presented Paradores of Spain at FITUR this year 2019, allows users to travel to three of the incredible House offered by the network. Video 360-3D (stereoscopic) and the smooth camera movements (performed with cablecam and travelling) invite immersion in these spaces filled with history and art.


The App, developed to be lived in virtual reality goggles Oculus Go, allows you to choose between a romantic getaway in the Parador de Chinchon, traverse the Parador of La Granja organizing a MICE event or enjoy the gastronomy and the spa of the Parador of Alcalá of Henares. The gamification of experience consists of a set of questions about the gastronomy and history of each Parador and allows you to move forward in history.


It is the second time that House Trust Iralta VR to show incredible accommodations offered by your network using the 360 video and virtual reality technology.

In the project Camino de Santiago 360produced in the year 2014, carry out the filming of several scenes with our protagonists in the Parador of Santo Domingo de La Calzada and San Marcos de León. An experience that won the award for the best App guide of destination given by Segittur, which continues to add downloads worldwide and who have returned to upgrade to new devices in FITUR 2016.