We are an audiovisual production company, we design immersive experiences and we love virtual reality.

We innovate in techniques and narrative, seeking the best way to excite.

We create spots, documentaries, short films, installations, video mapping, animation, 360° videos and virtual reality for premier international clients. We also develop our own, original projects.

Because of our passion and experience in researching, filming and programming, we can guarantee for our clients the creation of virtual experiences of the highest quality.

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Working with Agencies, Brands, Producers, TV Networks and Institutions, we create audiovisual content, 360° video and virtual reality experiences.

Since 2005, the mission of our management has been to help you fulfil your goals and to offer incredible experiences for the spectator. We handle production, script, photography, stereoscopic, editing, design, post-production, programming and distribution.

In 2010 we joined the world of 360º and virtual reality. Since then, we have used the latest in immersive technology to transport spectators and to go a step further into emotions, the sense of presence and empathy.

As creators of virtual worlds we work with new technical tools, and we experiment with VR narrative.

We design virtual experiences, interactive installations, apps, 360-3D videos, streaming and VOD for multi-platform publication.

We help you plan distribution strategies to ensure that your content is enjoyed by users on any platform and device.

Virtual reality enables us to do the impossible: to connect and to experience in a more human and emotional way.


If you want to talk to us about creating new experiences together, do not hesitate, call us.


  • Magallanes 25, 5ª Planta 28015 Madrid · Spain

    + 34 91 527 26 29 info@iralta.com