Our passion is to create content with the latest technologies that best suit each narrative and audiovisual format.

Somos is a studio specialized in the creation of immersive experiences and the virtual production. We develop audiovisual projects for film, television and advertising, we generate content virtual and augmented reality for the metaverse and we design videomappings and interactive projections.


Since 2005, , the mission of our team is to create audiovisual content, with a unique and original stamp: "audiovisual innovation, at the service of history".

In 2010 we enter the world of virtual reality and in 2021 we started the development of real-time virtual production with Iralta Virtual Production. .

Throughout these years in Iralta we have produced and developed multidisciplinary projects for national and international institutions, TV channels, brands, producers, agencies and museums in customized projects and we have also created our own original content.

As content creators we work with the latest technical tools: 3D modeling and animation of avatars and scenarios, real-time preview, 3D tracking and motion capture systems, photogrammetry and scanning, drones, artificial intelligence, app development and video and 360 photography.

We innovate in the creation of audiovisual content thanks to the use of new technologies of virtual production and visualization in real time.


If you want to talk to us about creating new experiences together, do not hesitate, call us.


  • Magallanes 25, 5ª Planta 28015 Madrid · Spain

    + 34 91 527 26 29 info@iralta.com