Cervantes VR in classrooms

Now that classes are empty and the students and teachers enjoy their holiday, we'd like to remember the day of virtual reality that we live with the students of the CEIP "Leopoldo Calvo Sotelo" in Madrid last week of course.

Invited by the professors went to school loaded with virtual reality goggles to share with the children the experience of virtual reality that we have created together with RTVE and the Ministry of culture, "Cervantes VR".


After a brief chat about the history of this technology and applications that virtual reality has in our society, we turn to the most desired time for all children, travel the golden age and visit the birthplace of Don Miguel thanks to reality virtual.

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Surprised faces, laughter, cries and raised hands asking the following confirmed us once again the infinite possibilities of the virtual reality in the field of education. "Cervantes VR" made them travel to the Spain of the 17TH century, the students are teleported from his desk until the battle of Lepanto, visited the birthplace of Don Miguel in Alcala de Henares, the prison of Algiers and the windmills of Campo de Criptana. The origins of the modern novel or the corrales de comedias Theatre, they met hand of Don Quixote and Sancho.

Being in that class surrounded by children, loaded with illusion and desire to learn made us relive our childhood. Some of us remember the slides that those great masters explained the cathedrals or the composition of the atom. To this day, it is possible to go further and get the student to discover firsthand the origins of Gothic art or play with her hands manipulating the electrons and protons.

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Thanks to virtual reality, teachers and parents have a new tool for the education of our children. A technology that allows travel to remote times, manipulate objects or discover inside the cell through immersion, interactivity and the game.

Worldwide experiences and projects are being conducted to bring this technology to the classroom, take advantage of their potential and eliminate barriers. Projects like Google Expeditions or Oculus Education Pilot are allowing that any student can discover a new world through virtual reality.

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Paraphrasing the African proverb "To educate a child the whole tribe is required" could say "the tribe already has a new and magical tool to educate the children, take advantage of it".





Mapi was a challenge from the start. How to use similar technology as Avatar, Mandalorian or Fortnite to produce live TV? Augmented Reality is used by many broadcasters to add graphic content or data, but this is the first time a hybrid 3D character acts in real time for multi cameras.

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In the last months we have been involved on this project we have met thousands of people from all over the world that are fighting against the climatic chance. The immersive experience VR “Low carbone agriculture in Brazil” is based on the Rural Sustentável project and it has been developed together with the Inter-American Development Bank.

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LOS40VR is a virtual reality App created to surprise fans of bands and lovers of music and virtual reality. For the first time viewers will be near their favorite musicians and will live exciting immersive experiences next to them.

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In March, there have been two major events in Brazil and Argentina in which virtual reality has been protagonist, the World Water Forum and Annual of the assemblies of the IDB Governors meeting and the IIC.

The experiences of virtual reality that we have developed in the past two years along with the IDB they have had their space and it has been a success among the audience.

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10 Tips for effective use of virtual reality in tourism It is the title of the workshop held in FITUR 2018. Segittur proposed us to summarize our experience in the creation of virtual reality for space FITUR Know-Export and tourism projects in ten tips.

In this article you will find some tips and ideas that you must assess before producing a virtual reality experience in the tourism sector.

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FITUR, the tourism fair has smashed records in its 38th edition. This year 2018, more than 140,000 accredited and more than 10,000 companies from around the world have participated in the event par excellence of tourism in Spain.

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A few months ago, an interesting assignment came. On the occasion of the centenary of Madrid's Plaza Mayor, Photoespaña sought to produce, with the patronage of Samsung, a VR piece for this year's festival.


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Presentation Cervantes VR

Did you miss the presentation of VR Cervantes?

Do not worry…. Here are a summary of the day

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