The bear, the Tiger and the Dragon is an immersive and interactive virtual reality experience. A powerful animation project based on The Bear, the Tiger and the Dragon fable, written by Andrés Pascual and Ecequiel Barricart.


Gabriel lives in Sombre City, a sad and grey city that has sunk into a perpetual night. His tailor shop is sinking, and it is taking him down with it. He feels so lost that he cannot even look at his wife and his daughter in the eyes. One day, he receives a surprising legacy: a bear, a tiger and a dragon, with the promise that these three animals will change his life forever. But first, he has to convince himself before leaving for an unknown destination with the three creatures.

An ambitious VR /AR /XR project that pushes the innovation on interactive narrative, research, technological systems and human crews needed to create a first - level contain within this universe.

An IRALTA VR project, in development phase, granted with the Culture Ministry of Spain funds. The project has been presented in MIPTV Cannes 2019, reaching some international co-production agreements (currently, in search of funding).