The following video reflects the complex reality of road users who need to move around daily in different cities in Latin America and the Caribbean, facing barriers and obstacles that disable their mobility.

The 360-3D video was shot in july in the city of Quito (Ecuador) by the IRALTA VR team. The VR experience was presented in the Annual Meeting of the Boards of Governors of the IDB rouled in Guayaquil, Ecuador. In this VR experience the user can move around the city of Quito with our protagonists: Margarita, Abu, Marco, Andrea, Pablo, Klever... and empathize with the inhabitants of the city and their mobility problems.

The original concept of universal design applied to transport suggests designing systems that are accessible and safe for all, particularly elderly, children and persons with disabilities.

Our protagonist dreams that there will come a day when everyone regardless of age, or having a disability can move freely around the city. Would we be able to fulfill this dream?

Original idea and script: Marisela Ponce de León, Paola Rodríguez and Lauramaria Pedraza.

IDB Team: Jean Pol Armijos, Manuel José Pastor de Elizalde, Juan Pablo Salazar, Xiomara Aleman, Sheila Fernández.

Director: César Urbina.

Production: Angel Urbina.

Director of photography: Ramón Verdugo.

Executive producer: Cristina Arias.

Sound: Angel Urbina.

Drones: Juan José Carvajal.

Editing: César Urbina.

Postproduction: Alba Rodríguez, Ramón González.

Music: Rodrigo Tamariz.

Voice-over: Andrea Rosero.

Main characters: Lia Almeida, Klever Almeida, Marco Tulmo, Pablo Vargas, Ligia Solana, Margarita Romero, Andrea Baquero, Isabella Almeida, Valentina Collaguazo, Melissa Montaño, Mayra Calderón, Tamia Castillo, Julia Altamirano, Mathias Crucerira, Thiago Almeida , Jaime Castillo, Lygia Almeida, Gloria Belén.