Immerse yourself in the innovative climate solutions being developed in Europe.

Join our 360° film crew on their expeditions to discover new projects that European engineers and scientists are tackling climate change with the support of the European Investment Bank. The EIB is the lending arm of the European Union, the world's largest multilateral financial institution and one of the largest providers of climate finance.

Using 360° cameras to immerse you in the experience, we will take you to the dizzying heights of some of the world's tallest wind turbines, travel deep into the Mediterranean and discover a remote Greek island with a long history and a great future in scientific breakthroughs.

We are very happy to have developed the first webVR, immersive and interactive production-series with 360 degree videos for the #EIB. An exciting journey to present solutions to the challenges posed and show us that science can help us change the world.

Follow this link to enjoy this immersive experience: