El Cubo del Revellín is part of the ancient walls of the city of Logroño. Inside it, the new permanent exhibition "V Centenario del Sitio de Logroño" has been inaugurated, which explains the history of the conflict of 1521 and the situation of the city during the Franco-Navarrese invasion.

In the different areas inside the wall, visitors can consult maps, texts, documentation and original objects from the period, as well as enjoy a series of video projections adapted to all audiences. thanks to a video mapping on a coat of arms of the city carved in stone (16th century), the illusion is created that its reliefs, textures and silhouettes come to life to better understand the heraldry of the city.

The exhibition visit ends in the lower chamber of the Cube, where a surround sound system and an immersive projection have been installed on the natural spherical screen formed by the ashlar walls of the front wall and the vault.

In this place, the viewer lives in first person an immersive experience immersive through which he will travel back in time and remember the siege of the city. The artistic style of this projection surrounds the viewer and immerses them in images created from silhouettes, textures, particle animations and 3D fluids, volumetric lights and shadows and special effects.

The aim of this last projection is to offer visitors an experience of what the defense of the city might have been like in 1521 and to make them feel part of it.