THE VR SOURCE allows the user to discover in an immersive and interactive way the Drinking Water and Sanitation project for Rural and Indigenous Communities in Paraguay developed by the IDB and SENASA.

LA FUENTE VR, is an interactive experience for WebVR in which the user can learn how the drinking water systems installed in different rural communities in Paraguay work.

The IDB in its commitment to society, is testing this new technical solution based on 360 video and interactive virtual tours for training and awareness among the beneficiaries of projects to improve access to drinking water.

An amazing interactive experience of 360 and 2D videos, photos, 3D animations and tutorials that allow online learning while touring the springs, houses, villages and fields of Paraguay hand in hand with its protagonists, SENASA technicians and local people.

An educational and immersive experience that will make the user travel to the fields of Paraguay and experience firsthand how the IDB is improving their lives.