This year started with this video mapping as Christmas gift.

An 11 minutes length audiovisual show projected at Leganés Town Hall façade and is dedicated to children on that night of dreams and illusions about Pepinilla Princess, the evil Meteoro and the star Ksora in a children's story set in the city of Leganés.

This video mapping is a project created for Acciona Producciones y Diseño and Ximénez Lighting and has been artistically directed by César Urbina from IRALTA VR and Rodrigo Tamariz.

An audiovisual work created from 2D illustrations and 3D models, animations of characters and objects, lights and shadows, constructions and breaks, particles and fluids to make the imagination of children and adults dream on.

The illustrations have been created by Mariona Rodríguez and animated by Sergio Pérez; 2D backgrounds, compositions and animations by Ramón Verdugo and Alba Rodríguez; 3D models by Alvaro San Miguel Seoane, Sergio S.J. and Rodrigo Tamariz; the original soundtrack by Pepe Lanuza, María Villar, Alberto Peláez and Rodrigo Tamariz; the voice-over by Begoña Martín and recording studio Albert Lanuza, Rodrigo Tamariz, Martín.