Los 40 VR is a virtual reality project available exclusively for Samsung Gear VR virtual reality glasses, that has been produced and developed by Iralta VR and EstudioFuture.

LOS40VR is a virtual reality App created to surprise fans of bands and lovers of music and virtual reality. For the first time viewers will be near their favorite musicians and will live exciting immersive experiences next to them.

LOS40VR offers a wide variety of content filmed in 360-3D with ambisonic sound through a 3D immersive and interactive menu that puts us in the backstage of a concert of LOS40 where the user can choose to live a virtual reality experience among a range of artists such as: Beatriz Luengo, DVICIO, Abraham Mateo and Tony Aguilar, Ana Mena, Adexe&Nau, Orishas, ​​Danny Romero…

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