Spanish Renaissance photogrammetry:
Altarpiece in Church of San Juan Bautista (S XVI) Check via webgl in 3d, AR, or VR at Skectchfab: https://skfb.ly/6QPGD
In 2019, in collaboration with Raiz we had the opportunity to digitize an incredible and precious altarpiece from the spanish renaissance, considered as one of the richest and original altarpieces from that century in Spain. Located in the Church of San Juan Bautista, Grañón, La Rioja, - Spain, is dedicated to Saint Jhons, and was created between 1545 and 1556.
Is composed by plateresque elements and reliefs full of movement.
Natura Borgoñón was the architectural designer and Bernal Forment and Juan de Beaugrant contributed as sculptors. Francisco de Lubiano was the master polychromist. Processed with capturing reality , #volumetric #larioja #inmersive #realtime, #computervision #culturalheritage #renacimiento #capturing reality