A virtual reality shortfilm by Carlos Therón

Release date: October 6th official section “Sitges Cocoon” – Sitges Festival Internacional de Cinema Fantàstic de Catalunya
Director: Charles Therón
Screenplay: Alfonso Aranda
Department: Berto Romero, Malcolm T. Sitté, Manuel Gancedo
Producer: Quexito Films
VR Technical Direction: Iralta VR
Country: spain

Three builders working on the renovation of an old house find a mysterious object hidden behind a wall and decide to bring it out of its hiding place. When the squad leader, Julián, touches it, he feels a cold, intense and unpleasant shock. After that he no longer wants to touch it and would like to get rid of it by warning the owner of the house. However Hugo, another of the workers, believes the object might be valuable and has decided to keep it.

Once they get back to work, they discover the grim story of the homeowners. In the meantime, the talisman has already started to exert its power...