In the last months we have been involved on this project we have met thousands of people from all over the world that are fighting against the climatic chance. The immersive experience VR “Low carbone agriculture in Brazil” is based on the Rural Sustentável project and it has been developed together with the Inter-American Development Bank.

This VR experience shows us six Brazilian producers who are improving their lives and their environment and serve as an example of how we can change the future together.

A 6DOF project that allows the viewer to virtually interact with a cocoa plant, collect its fruits and access project information. A journey through the states of Minas Gerais and Pará of Brazil with their ecosystems of Atlantic rainforest and Amazonia through six 360-3D videos.

Thanks to all the team that has made it possible at: IRALTA VR, Raiz Digital crafts, Ángel Urbina Vitoria, César Urbina Vitoria, Ramón Verdugo, Alba Rodríguez Bueno, Beat Music Productions, Erasmo Torallas, Francisco Almendra. #BIDCOP25 #COP25 #DefraGovUK #TimeForAction #climateneutral #6DOF #OculusVR #ActuarTime #ClimateAction #GlobalGoals #UnitedNations.